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Disclaimer: The contents of this website are meant for general informational purposes only and do not constitute any legal advice.

Useful Information

This page contains a simple, plain language and basic introduction on some selected Notarial services. This page is not meant to be all-encompassing on the topics discussed.

You are welcome to contact us for clarification on what information, identification and documentation you may need to bring in for the specific Notary services that you require. Everyone has unique Notarial needs and require different services.

We will use the terms Notarize, Notarization and Notarized on this page. Folks often use the word Notarized to mean that the document has been executed (and perhaps prepared by) a Notary Public. We are using the terms Notarized, Notarization and Notarize in a similar, and very general, sense, as meaning the act that the Notary Public is performing on a given document as a Notary Public in good standing the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia.


The first thing to remember when coming in is to bring in two pieces of identifications. At least one of your identifications must be a valid, government issued photographic identification. Some common types of this "primary" identification include driver's license, passport, citizenship card, permanent resident card and identity card. We also ask for a secondary piece of identification, which may also be from the list above. Other common types of this "secondary" identification include social insurance number card, major bank credit card with a signature on the bank and health card.

Letters of Invitation for Visiting Canada

These documents are sometimes referred to as Support Letters (or Letters of Support), Invitation Letters, Letters of Invitation for Foreign Travel, Visitor Sponsorships and Sponsorship Letters. Invitation Letters may be required when somebody, such as a friend, relative, business partner etcetera, living outside of Canada is applying for a Temporary Visitor Visa to come to visit Canada.

We prepare and Notarize Invitation Letters, as well as Notarize Invitation Letters that are already prepared. When coming in to have these letters prepared, we ask for your valid identifications, as noted above, information about yourself that you would like to include in the letter, Visitor (or multiple Visitors') information (name, address, Passport Number(s), etcetera).

Child Travel Authorization Letters

These documents are also referred to as Child Travel Letters, Child Travel Declarations (Affidavits), Authorization for minor child travel and Consent Letters for children traveling abroad.

When a child will be traveling internationally without one, or both, of the parents, they should have some form of authorization from the legal parents (or parent, as the case may be). You may require this type of letter, even when your child is traveling by air within Canada.

We ask that both parents come in with:

  • valid identifications (as noted above);
  • contact telephone numbers;
  • child's original Passport;
  • child's original Birth Certificate;
  • passport information of the person with whom the child will be traveling with
  • dates of travel
  • flight information

We would also recommend that parents include information about where the child will be staying. In which case, we ask that you bring in the name, address, phone number and other contact information with whom the child will be staying with outside of Canada.

Powers of Attorney

Generally speaking, a Power of Attorney is a document in which one (the person giving the Power of Attorney is often referred to as the "Donor") gives authority to another (the person to whom the Power of Attorney gives authority is often referred to as the "Attorney" ), to act on one's behalf. This authority is often described as being related to "paper" matters, such as taking care of one's financial and legal matters.

The authority that a Donor gives to an Attorney may be limited to performing a certain task (or tasks). On the other hand, the authority may be general in nature, authorizing the Attorney to perform all tasks that may be legally performed by an Attorney.

Powers of Attorney can and are used for specific purposes. For example, you are planning on traveling abroad and may have a pending property sale, banking or other matters that may need your attention while you are out of Canada. This can be a situation, in which a Power of Attorney may be useful.

Powers of Attorney can and are used as planning tools, where there is not a specific or current need. For example, you may want to have a Power of Attorney prepared as a precautionary measure, in the event that an emergency arises and you are unable to make one (i.e. emergency travel, hospitalization).

Powers of Attorney can and are used internationally. This is very common. Canada is a beautiful, multicultural, ethnically divorce country with people that have links and ties all around the world. People often have matters that they need dealt with outside of Canada and chose to send a Power of Attorney, rather than travel to personally attend to the matters. These may be one time matters, such as the sale of a specific piece of immovable property, or may be ongoing matters, such as management of property.

The information that may be needed for a Power of Attorney varies. When coming in for a Power of Attorney you should bring in your valid identifications as noted above, although certain Powers of Attorney may specifically require certain identifications, such as a valid Passport or Citizenship Card. It is also a good idea to bring in the Attorney's legal name, phone number and address. If you are making the Power of Attorney for a specific purpose, you may bring with you any documents that you may have relating to the specific purpose.


A Will is a legal document through which you leave instructions on what you want done with your assets, liabilities and other affairs after your death.

Certified true copies of documents

These documents are sometimes referred to as true copies, certified copies and Notarized copies.

There are a variety of situations where true copies of documents are required. You may have identifications, certificates, or other documents that need to be "Certified" as being true copies of the original to send outside of Canada, for education matters, immigration matters, various types of applications and many other matters.

For example, you may need to have your credentials reviewed by an educational institution, such as a College or University and as part of the application review process they may require Notarized copies of your educational certificates, identifications and perhaps other relevant documents.

Immigration is another common area that people often come in to have documents "Notarized". For example, you may be applying to obtain Residency or Citizenship of a Country and as part of that Country's immigration requirements you need to provide Notarized copies of particular documents.

We require the original identification, certificate or other document that needs to be Notarized as a true copy.

Affidavits and Statutory Declarations

An affidavit is a statement of facts that you make in writing that you confirm to be true by way of an oath or affirmation in the physical presence of someone who has the authority to administer an oath or affirmation, such as a Notary Public or a Lawyer.

Like an affidavit, a Statutory Declaration is a statement of facts made that you make writing. Statutory Declarations are made pursuant with the applicable government legislation in place. You verify the statements of the document as being true by way of a solemn declaration in the physical presence of someone who has the authority to administer an oath or affirmation, such as a Notary Public.

Affidavits and Statutory Declarations are used for a great number of purposes. Some documents include:

  • Notarized statements for court and other legal matters
  • Notarized statements for lost or damaged passports
  • Notarized statements for surrender certificates
  • Notarized statements for renewing passports
  • Notarized statements for passports expired over six months
  • Notarized statements for change of appearance
  • Notarized statements for other lost or damaged identification
  • Notarized statements for lost marriage certificates
  • Notarized statements for lost education certificates
  • Notarized statements for various other lost certificates
  • Notarized statements for filing certain types of police reports
  • Notarized statements for sponsorships
  • Notarized statements for other various immigration matters
  • Notarized statements for verification of birth particulars
  • Notarized statements for never issued birth certificates
  • Notarized statements for Power of Attorney acceptance
  • Notarized statements for renunciation of rights to a deceased's estate
  • Notarized statements for no objection for bank or property transfers
  • Notarized statements for holdback release and construction draws
  • Notarized statements for complaints
  • Notarized statements for change of name
  • Notarized statements for vehicle transfer
  • Notarized statements for non-registered vehicle, unregistered truck or unregistered trailer
  • Notarized statements for Insurance Corporation of British Columbia related insurance claims
  • Notarized statements for other insurance matters, such as proof of loss
  • Notarized statements for Surrender Certificates
  • Notarized statements for certificate of non-impediment
  • Notarized statements for various marriage purposes
  • Notarized statements for proof of divorce
  • Notarized statements for proof of employment
  • Notarized statements for proof of residence
  • Notarized statements for proof of marriage
  • Notarized statements for proof of common law relationship
  • Notarized statements for proof of identity
  • Notarized statements for same name confirmation
  • Notarized statements for child travel
  • Notarized statements for translations
  • Notarized statements for Interpreters
  • Notarized Affidavit for Pharmacare
  • Statutory Declarations made in accordance with the Income Tax Act
  • Notarized statements for various property and banking matters
  • Notarized statements for life certificates
  • Notarized statements for non-marriage certificates
  • Notarized statements for various types of authorizations
  • Notarized statements for renewing a Canadian Permanent Resident Card
  • Notarized personal net worth statements
  • Notarized statements for child benefits
  • Notarized statements for Fuel Tax Refund for Persons with Disabilities
  • Notarized Affidavit of Witness
  • Notarized Revocation of Power of Attorney
  • Notarized statements for Pharmacist Document Evaluation
  • Notarized statements for police Clearance Certificates
  • Notarized statements for admission into various professional bodies
  • Notarized statements for meeting Visa requirements
  • Notarized statements for numerous other international requirements
  • Notarized statements for meeting the requirements of a foreign Consulate or Embassy

This list gives you an idea of the vast purposes of Affidavits and Statutory Declarations. There are numerous other circumstances that require Affidavits and Statutory Declarations.

You may already have a document prepared that needs to be Notarized, in which case, you are welcome to bring in the document, along with the relevant identifications for us to review. On the other hand, you may need to have a document prepared. The information needed for an Affidavit or Statutory Declaration varies, depending on the purpose of your document. Anytime that you need a document prepared, it is always best to have all the available information with you. For example, if you have any letters, correspondence or other written information, bring it along. For international documents, if you have been in contact with anybody outside of Canada, or a Consulate or Embassy of another Country, bring in any related information you might have.

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